About me

Gábor Berkesi


I'm an independent software engineer from Hungary and makes codes since 2002.

I was a full-time .NET architect/developer on full-stack in different companies, mostly I created enterprise intranet applications with C# language. I designed and developed database architectures on MSSQL, API layers with Web services and WCF, and user interfaces with mainly ASP.NET and some WinForms. I fell in love with code generation and I created some custom ORM with T4, MyGeneration, and CodeSmith.

I started my freelance career in 2013 and now in half of my time, I'm a sub-contractor in software projects, from back-end to front-end, mostly .NET. In the other half, I create websites, web applications to my clients with PHP, MySQL, Angular, Bootstrap, and craft front-end stuff to developers in community with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SVG.